Affiliated Dojo's

Any Dojo needs to have quality control to ensure that students are getting an acceptable level of training in all fields of martial arts, Affiliation is one way of ensuring that this is done accurately, and to proper standards is through affiliation. This ensures that the instructor is checked up on from more established Dojo's and instructors.

Once a student has become an instructor it does not mean that there is nothing more to learn. Affiliation ensures that not only are standards high and measurable, they are also checked up on regularly.

Other advantages to Affiliation include communication regarding events are given to all affiliated Dojo's, and these events are participated in by multiple Dojo's. This ensures that all students have sufficient competition and are not just competing againsed people they know and have trained with.

The best advise my instructor has given me is even though I'm a teacher. I must never stop being a student. Affiliation ensures that all teachers are students and that standards are maintained.
I started Goju-Ryu with Sensei Stef Biagioni (6th Dan Goju-Ryu) in 2000 and remain his student. He is without question one of the best karate practitioners
I attend classes with the Fourways Martial Arts Academy as often as possible and remain a dedicated student and assistant instructor, helping out whenever I am needed.
in the country and I am very proud to have his help and support in the starting and running of my own Dojo. Along with Roberta Biagioni Fourways Martial Arts is a hugely successful dojo in the Fourways area.
The Shorei Martial Arts is the parent association to both Fourways and Kaizen and is the group that ensures all instructors are up to scratch.
All black belts are graded by a panel of senior instructors (6th 7th and 8th Dan only) And these instructors are headed up by Sensei Arnold De Beer (8th Dan) Sensei Arnold and supporting instructors are highly skilled and knowledgeable in karate and the combined knowledge of Shorei Martial Arts is something all students should strive to learn from.