Kaizen translated.

Kai - Become
Zen - Good
Kaizen therefore translates directly into becoming good.
Like many other direct translations, this definition does not do the word justice, a better translation of Kaizen is the constant and consistent improvement of all things. This improvement of self through karate is what I personally aim for in my classes.

Kaizen as a philosophy has become increasingly popular in western society over recent years, and is incorporated into many businesses to try and gain a competitive advantage. While competitive advantage is great in the corporate world, the philosophy at Kaizen Karate is back to the roots of the western adopted philosophy. During every lesson I intend to transfer some knowledge, or to have actively improved current standards in order to make sure that some form of accomplishment has been achieved after every lesson.

This improvement can be in the basic areas such as physical strength, or fundamental improvements in technique. All types of improvement ensure that the next goal of grading or competition are achieved with merit; and if ever necessary a student will be prepared and capable of defending his/her life in a life threatening situation.

Kaizen is my personal philosophy towards all aspects of my life, and I genuinely hope that all students will share my sense of accomplishment and satisfaction in knowing they have left slightly better than they were when they walked in.

While improvement is important, as important is an enjoyable and comfortable environment in which to learn and improve. I hope to provide this environment to all.