Kaizen translated.
Kai - Become
Zen - Good
Kaizen therefore translates directly into becoming good.
Like many other direct translations, this definition does not do the word justice, a better translation of Kaizen is the constant and consistent improvement of all things.
This improvement of self through karate is what I personally aim for in my classes.
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Why Goju-Ryu?

Goju-Ryu; the hard soft/gentle way.
Although this might sound like an oxymoron, it is a brilliant description of this style of karate:

The hard techniques (Direct strong blocks typically associated with karate) are taught and perfected, and then combined with the soft techniques (typically associated with Akido or Tai Chi) are later incorporated to ensure the karateka (practitioner) is well balanced, with a holistic understanding of a highly diverse and complicated style of martial arts.
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Choosing an instructor.
A good instructor can make or break a students perception of a style, or even martial arts completely.
However a good instructor is in the eye of the beholder. And it therefore makes sense that you find an instructor you like.
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